22 August 2017, 09:43

The finalists have been chosen!

On 20th of August recrutation proceedings for Miss Wheelchair World has ended. Women, who are on a daily basis moving under wheelchairs, had 3 months to apply for this unique, first in history, beauty pageant. According to regulations maxymally 25 contestants could enter the finals. Countries that organise their own regional contest were allowed to register two representatives, whereas those who don't also no more than two, although one organisation that works toward disabled people could sign up one contestant. 

After thorough consideration of all applications, organiser of the Miss Wheelchair World - The Only One Foundation together with city government of Warsaw - is pleased to announce the list of finalists:

1. Angola – Victoria José
2. Belarus – Aleksandra Chichikova
3. Brazil – Carla Maia 
4. Canada – Vahen King
5. Chile – María Díaz
6. Chile – Paula Miranda
7. Finland – Kati van der Hoeven
8. France – Sandrine Ciron
9. France – Nadjet Meskine
10. Guatemala – Pahola Solano
11. India – Priya Bhargava
12. India – Rajalakshmi Shankar
13. Italy – Laura Miola
14. Mexico – Karen Rocha 
15. Moldova – Ludmila Iachim
16. Netherlands – Mirande Bakker
17. Poland – Beata Jałocha
18. Poland – Adrianna Zawadzińska
19. Russia – Alena Tiapkova
20. South Africa – Lebohang Monyatsi
21. Ukraine – Oksana Kononets
22. Ukraine – Uliana Pcholkina
23. USA – Jennifer Lynn Adams
24. Belarus– Angelina Waleskaya


Decisively, twenty-four finalists were chosen by the jury composed of:

Katarzyna Wojtaszek – The Only One Foundation, Andrzej Golimont – The Capital City of Warsaw, Julita Kuczkowska – The Only One Foundation, Karolina Malczyk – The Capital City of Warsaw, Michał Mazur – The Capital City of Warsaw, Rafał Michalczyk – The Only One Foundation, Edyta Tęcza – Stołeczna Estrada, Anna Wojtkowiak – Stołeczna Estrada. 


Sincere congratulations to all finalists. We are waiting for you impatiently in Poland on 29th of September - the first day of workshops that will prepare you for Final Gala which will be held on the 7th of October in Ursynów Arena in Warsaw.