15 July 2016, 15:56

Final Gala of Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016

miss plakat 2016 a4 rgb.jpg

On the day of July 16th at 8 pm in Amphitheatre of Bemowo in Warsaw will take place Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Final Gala! It will be an amazing event which we won’t forget for a long time.

It has already been the fourth edition of beauty queen competition organized by The One &Only Foundation ( Fundacja Jedyna Taka). The main idea of the election, as every year is to change the image and attitude for women with disabilities. According to the principle: beauty without barriers The One & Only Foundation wishes to draw your attention on the fact that wheelchair should not determine feeling attractive and disability is not an obstacle to be fulfilled in life.

The finalists of Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016, twelve ladies, after lasting one week Miss Workshop, they will have presented themselves on stage during Final Gala to dazzle the audience by their beauty, grace and personality. The ladies will present themselves in a special prepared choreography and they will answer the questions prepared for them.

The Final Gale will be carried on by Aleksandra Kostka, who will provide us beautiful weather.

While waiting for jury verdict,we will be listening Sound'n'Grace – Polish choir playing gospel, soul, R&B and funk music.

Although, this is not the end of attractions. During Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Final Gala will also take place the inauguration of Miss Wheelchair World project that is a competition aimed at women on wheelchair from all around the world. This event will take place in 2017 in Warsaw.

Miss Poland Wheelchair 2 016 Final Gala is not only choosing New Miss, it is also the day of great music, having fun and a lot of emotion.

To which one of the finalists of Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 currently reigning Miss-Katarzyna Kozioł-Miss Poland Wheelchair 2015 will pass the crown ? We will find out very soon-on July 16th.

You just can’t miss this great event! Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Final Gala-July 16th of 2016 at 8 pm. Amphitheatre of Bemowo! Free entrance!

During Final Gala we provide sign language interpretation, audio description and induction loop. The place where Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Final Gala takes place is totally accessible for people on wheelchairs.

We are waiting for you!