15 July 2016, 15:48

Second clip of Miss Wheelchair World


In July 2016 during Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Workshop-annual gathering of the finalists of our competition, the recordings to the main video clip promoting Miss Wheelchair World 2017 project took place.




















The video clip was created in beautiful scenery of Warsaw and the models who took part in it were:

-Miss Poland Wheelchair 2013-Olga Fijałkowska

-Miss Poland Wheelchair 2014-Julia Torla

-Miss Poland Wheelchair 2015-Katarzyna Kozioł

And models who were accompanying the ladies: Kamil Bogucki, Rafał Baszczyński and Rafał Maślak- Mister Poland 2014.

The ladies presented themselves in a wedding makeovers prepared by Viola Piekut-elegance, class and chic is what this designer is famous for all over the world.

Considering the main idea of The One & Only Foundation ( Fundacja Jedyna Taka) that is to change the image and attitude for women with disabilities, that wedding theme was present in the video clip. Beautiful ladies looked amazing wearing white wedding dresses proving that disability does not preclude being happily married.

Here, we are presenting you backstage photos taken during this unusual event. On the day of July 16th , during Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Final Gala, the clip will be presented for big audience. We are waiting for it!


Video material: Sound & Visual Creative Studio Kolbuszowa

Make-up: MakeUp Art Marzena Bartosz

Photo backstage: Dudzik

Company: As usual- unfaltering The One &Only Foundation team

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The partners of Miss Wheelchair World project:

Warsaw, Quickie Wheelchairs, SOD - Paweł Janiszewski, NOWA SCENA