14 July 2017, 12:44

Report to the Miss Wheelchair World 2017!


The recruitment proceedings to the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 is under way (till August 20th).  For the first time in history the wheelchair – bound women from all over the world are to compete for the crown.  South Africa, Chile, United Kingdom, Kenya, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Peru, Czech Republic, USA, Norway, Netherlands are among countries interested. For the time being Poland, Guatemala and India filed complete applications.











In the Final Gala of this unique beauty pageant up to 25 wheelchair – bound candidates throughout the world are to present their grace and beauty.

A country hosting national beauty pageant for the wheelchair bound women may present two candidates for the MWW 2017. The other countries may present one “wild card” candidate through non governmental organizations. In case more than two candidates  from one country are reported to the MWW 2017  and at the same time not more than 25 countries submitted their candidates the Organizer observes the right to choose at most two candidates among the candidates submitted (even from a country not hosting national beauty pageant for wheelchair bound women). If more than 25 countries submitted their candidates to the MWW 2017 the Organizer may choose one candidate from one country (even from a country hosting national beauty pageant).



Read the Regulation of the MWW 2017, fill in the recruitment  forms, record short video presentation and then report to the MWW 2017. All the necessary documents are here: http://misswheelchairworld.com/en/8,recruitment-2017.html.

The Final Gala, which reveals the most beautiful wheelchair woman in the world, is held on October the 7th in Warsaw’s Arena Ursynów. Before the Final Gala the candidates take part in specially designated workshops.

It is the first beauty pageant of this kind, therefore we warmly invite beautiful women from Europe and other continents to Poland to show their grace, beauty and personality and at the same time to praise the beauty of their motherlands. We do our best to make the MWW 2017 a really top notch event. Unfortunately the organizational costs are so high that we need to ask for the money support. For this support we provide various package of benefits, media advertising and tailored made cooperation.


The co organizer of the MWW 2017 is the City of Warsaw. The cooperators to the MWW 2017 are as follows: 1) the golden ones: Quickie Wheelchairs and SOD – Pawel Jniszewski, 2) the others: Douglas, Savicky, Hairmate, Rafcar, Stricker, superoslony.pl, Nowa Scena, Stołeczna Estrada, Asdon, JWP Rzecznicy Patentowi.
The MWW is also supported by the ongoing cooperators of the Only One Foundation:  Quickie Wheelchairs, SOD - Paweł Janiszewski, Czerkawski Odszkodowania Sp. z o.o., Polski HR - A-Trybut S.A. employment agency for the people with disabilities and Nipplex.


We do hope our initiative will meet your understanding and that it will encourage You to further cooperation with us.

We are here to answer all your questions.

We await just for You!



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