7 October 2016, 10:23

Miss Wheelchair World on 07.10.2017


Exactly in one year on the 7th. Of October 2017 the first in history Miss Wheelchair World Pageant will be held. Its organizer is the Only One Foundation and the Capital City of Warsaw Office.


Miss Wheelchair World is an innovatory on a worldwide scale event, during which to Poland will come the most beautiful wheelchair using women from the whole world, to fight for the title of Miss Wheelchair World.







The principal aim of the event will be not only integration of people’s with disability environments throughout the world, but also the possibility of  showing that limitations are only in our heads and disability should not be an indicator of humanity. The competition will also make the exchange of information on the newest scientific and medical discoveries easier and it will be a perfect opportunity to change the image of people with disability in the whole world.


Skills and experience...

This year we were the organizer of the 4th. already edition of Miss Poland Wheelchair, which allowed us to gain even more experience and knowledge on the subject of pageant organization. Therefore we have decided to take the next step and organize the pageant, where the most beautiful wheelchair bound women from the whole world will be able to participate. We have the necessary skills and competence, thanks to which we are ready to organize Miss Wheelchair World Pageant.


Desire to help...

In Europe there are only a few countries, where the beauty pageants for wheelchair bound women are held. In connection to this our organization- the Only One Foundation decided to encourage and teach the other countries, how to organize such pageant at home, so that in a year they also can exhibit their representatives in Miss Wheelchair World Pageant according to the rule beauty without barriers.


Video clip promoting the pageant…

For this purpose, during Miss Poland Wheelchair in the area of our beautiful Warsaw there was the recording held of a video clip promoting Miss Wheelchair World 2017.

In the recordings participated the title Misses Poland Wheelchair 2013-2015, Mister Poland Rafał Maślak and models.

The main topic was the wedding motive and showing that disability is not a barier to love and reaching happiness. The video preview had its first run during the Miss Wheelchair Poland 2016  final Gala and met with a very positive reception.



   Photo: Anapt, The Only One Fundation                                                  Photo: Anapt, The Only One Fundation 


Unique photo shoot...

Moreover, on the 6th of August in Warsaw aldo  took place a photo shoot with Adrianna Zawadzińska – Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016, who will represent our country in Miss World Wheelchair . In this unique photo shoot, organized by us she was accompanied by Michał Baryza – model, finalist of the 4th edition of “Top Model”. Adrianna and Michał posed on motorcycle Harley-Davidson Liberator Warszawa and they looked really stunning.


Photo: Sebastian Wolny, The Only One Fundation



For now, we already have two countries Kenia and Ukraine, that are interested in organizing Miss Wheelchair World on their grounds. But we count on many more joining in. We want to promote beauty and personality of women using wheelchair and we hope that other countries from the whole world will join us.


Organizers and partners…

The organizer of the first in history Miss Wheelchair World 2017 Pageant is the Only One Foundation and the Office of the Capital City of Warsaw, and among present partners of the project there are: Quickie, the New Stage (Nowa Scena) SOD- Paweł Janiszewski.


Together we can do more…

We are sure that by joining our forces we can achieve great success and organize a competition, that will not go unnoticed. We are going to make the whole enterprise on the highest possible level and therefore we are looking for partners, who would help with the organization.

All the interested people are asked to contact us at the e-mail address: fundacja@jedyna-taka.pl or contact@misswheelchairworld.com. 


We hope that our initiative will meet with Your interest and encourage You to cooperate with us. We welcome Your cooperation.


About the pageant…

We also encourage You to visit our Fanpage'a Miss Wheelchair World. 



The video material promoting Miss World Wheelchair was commissioned by the Only One Foundation: Sound & Visual Creative Studio Kolbuszowa

Make up: MakeUp Art Marzena Bartosz

Hair:Berendowicz and Kublin Academy Warsaw

Wedding gowns: Viola Piekut

Recording places: the Palace of Art and Culture Warsaw and Bemowo Culture Centre.


Let us live through it again...

The official make up artist of Miss Poland Wheelchair is Perfumerie Douglas Polska.

If you want to watch the foretaste of what is happening at Miss Poland Wheelchair 2016 Gala, see the video clip.