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Candidate #5

Candidate #5
María Díaz


Hi, I am Maria Diaz from Chile, I am 28 years old and exactly 10 years ago my life took a drastic change. I was on my way home with 3 of my friends when a stranger shot a bullet to the car I was in. Since that moment I decided to move forward with my life thanking this second chance of life. One year after my accident I took all my belongings and came to the capital of Chile to live all by myself. It was here where I discovered my abilities in the Paralympic sports and I decided to become a professional Paralympic tennis player. I had the wonderful experience and opportunity to travel all around the world representing my country with excellent results. Thanks to my love to sports and because I think all in life is about decisions I have dived, skied, golfed, and my favorite, skydive!. I love photos, social media, makeup, fashion, and make publicity in my country. I think that in my life there are no limits and this is a great opportunity to show the world.

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