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Candidate #22

Candidate #22
Uliana Pcholkina


My name is Ulyana Pcholkina, I am Ukrainian. My life changed 12 years ago. Of these, 10 years after my injury, I work a lot with the people who got into a wheelchair due to accidents. I consider the lack of self-confidence to be the main obstacle to the independent life after trauma, this is exactly what I see in such people. I was there myself. The moment has come and I said - it's not about me anymore! And I started setting goals that seemed impossible at first. But because of this, I became the first world champion in karate, the first TV host in a wheelchair in Ukraine, on the leading information channel, an experienced instructor and organizer of active rehabilitation camps and, finally, a happy person! I'm committed to the task of helping to change the quality of life of people with disabilities and protecting their rights as a leader of public opinion in Ukraine. This is especially important now when my country is in a war. I am sure that disability in not a problem, but a person's peculiarity. I believe that it is the Miss World who will be able to unite a lot of people and jointly change this world for the better and help to create a level playing field for everyone!

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