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Candidate #14

Candidate #14
Karen Rocha


Hello! My name is Karen Pamela Rocha Ruiz I am originally from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. I would like to be Miss Wheelchair World 2017 because I know that I can be an example for many women who are going through difficult times of physical and personal acceptance. I would like to begin to remove all the mental barriers that are thought about women with disabilities and begin to see the beauty that we have as people and that we have many positive things to contribute to society. It is time to break with all the stereotypes that society has imposed on us for years. It is time to start believing in ourselves, to grow in the workplace, professionally and mentally. And if I have the opportunity to be able to help leave a better world than I found I'm satisfied. what if ! My life took an extremely radical turn, but I did not know that this great change was giving me an opportunity to start a new life full of challenges and challenges that I myself have been able to overcome. Now I can say that I am stronger, I have learned to value more life and above all to start helping more people who go through situations similar to mine. And I say goodbye with this phrase that I love, "love the life you live, live the life you love" thank you!

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