Internet tickets for the Miss Wheelchair World 2017 reservation system closed. Limited ticket pool will be available at the entrance on the day of the pageant, Saturday 7th, 11:00-18:00. We highly encourage you to reserve yours now. The first Miss Wheelchair World pageant will be held in Ursynów Arena on October 7th on Pileckiego 122 street in Warsaw. Facility is well-adjusted to the needs of people who are using wheelchairs. To ensure a capability of active participation in the event to all guests, during Final Gala will also be available translation into polish, international sign language just as inductive loop and live audio description. For Final Gala You need to take a printed ticket with You or it can be saved on Your phone/tablet. We want to ask everyone, who in planning to join us at Final Gala, to arrive an hour before the start of the event - that is up to 18:00.